Which is the most secure Garage door?

Garage doors from NASSAU in the highest quality and safety.

NASSAU always prioritises safety. With almost 50 years of experience in producing doors, we have a high level of knowledge about our products and their safety. We produce Industrial doors and Garage doors of the highest quality at our factory on Funen. Only the highest quality is good enough. A NASSAU garage door is therefore one of the market’s most secure garage door.

Besides our doors have a beautiful visual design, we do not compromise on quality and safety. It is an unpleasant experience to get your fingers caught in the door. Therefore we have developed a finger clamp protection on our garage doors. This ensures that your fingers and other objects are safe, and do not get caught between the sections when the door is going up or down. The NASSAU finger clamp lock is standard on all our garage doors. In addition, a garage door from NASSAU automatically stops if the security photocells notice something in the way, when the door is going down. The safety photocells therefore monitor the area around your garage door. They will send a signal to the engine if a person or object is in the garage door opening.

We often test our garage doors so that the quality and safety always remain at the highest level. We therefore always ensure that our solutions do not become obsolete. Therefore, we of course comply with all applicable legal requirements and applicable rules. Our garage door is the life-time test, where they are tested to open and close 74,000 times without errors and repairs. Thus, you secure one of the market’s most reliable garage doors.