Extra Insulated High Speed Door

Extra insulated doors from NASSAU take advantage of the speed and insulation capability with a NASSAU 8000 Speed

NASSAU 8000 SPEED is our extra insulated door and it opens 4 times faster and closes at double speed, compared to comparable doors. 8000 SPEED is a sectional door designed with a modified electric motor and reinforced construction to increase speed and benefit your business. The speed improves your work environment, increases safety, reduces energy costs, and protects the environment. The door has been developed for busy companies with a focus on efficiency and environmental awareness.

Speed is an invaluable advantage for companies with frequently used door openings, your company will experience fewer issues with temperature control and fewer collisions with doors. With an operating speed of one meter per second, the NASSAU 8000 SPEED does not only save you time but gives time back, due to a shorter waiting times for openings. Likewise, your company will have a lower heat loss, due to shorter times of openings, as well as higher insulation capacity.

Energy and economically efficient

An increased door speed provides better control of the indoor climate and temperature. Furthermore, the door has very effective seals for waterproofness and airtightness. Better temperature control results in less heat loss, less energy waste, and lower CO2 emissions.

Safety and comfort 

As standard NASSAU 8000 SPEED comes with a light grid as an edge protection function. When the doors light grid detects an obstacle in the door opening, the door stops and reverses immediately, thereby reducing the risk of accidents and injury. The door’s fast opening and closing time prevents unwanted drafts and creates a better and healthier working environment for employees.

Extra insulated door with 4x higher opening speed

If you change a normal insulating door to the extra insulated NASSAU 8000 SPEED with higher insulation capacity, the energy consumption can be reduced by 70%.

Our consumption of resources is increasing. We are consuming the earth’s resources faster than it can regenerate new ones. We, therefore, need to do something extra to save our resources. Among other things, you can do this by choosing a NASSAU 8000 SPEED, Extra Insulated High-Speed Door. Your business will experience higher efficiency and less energy consumption.

See the many benefits of 8000 SPEED in the videos

NASSAU 8000 energy-saving sectional door


8000 SPEED compared to normal door

Economically and CO2 friendly benefits

8000 Commercial