Industrial products


We offer a wide range of industrial doors that identify different needs. These include our sectional doors, available in several different models. In addition, there are our highspeed doors, which are also available in different models, each with its own unique product function. If you want a separate facade door, it is of course also possible with a wide range of solutions. For our industrial range, there is a wide range of door automation that improves the comfort and flexibility of your working environment.

Common to our industrial doors is that we do not compromise on quality and modern design. NASSAU manufactures doors according to the customer’s individual needs and desires, to fit the current design.

The way NASSAU differentiates us from our competitors is that we have without a doubt, the best insulation industrial door on the market. Our industrial doors have a U-value of (0,43) meanwhile a comparable door has a U-value of (1,44). This significant difference in U-value, results in a drop in the energy usage by 70%. So not only is an industrial door from NASSAU a great investment, design and quality wise but also a great asset to your company, since it supports the effort for climate change and lowers the Co2 emission of the company.

Close the door right, save energy!