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The architect forum is where you find all the information you need. Sectional doors are often a major element in the appearance of a building, and the choice of door type, filling, color, and top and side panels are vital to a successful result.

A NASSAU sectional door allows you to design the building facade as you please. The selection of colors, models, sizes, windows, and fillings gives an almost limitless number of combinations – no compromises necessary!

The extra height of NASSAU 9000 sections gives a minimum of sections, which combined with the concealed joints between the sections gives a smooth, harmonious appearance.

NASSAU products have been awarded the prestigious Industrial Design prize in recognition of their modern and functional design.

To make it as easy as possible to define specifications for a sectional door, we have produced a set of standard tender forms for our doors, including electrical operation.

There is a wide variety of available information on our sectional doors as well as the garage doors. The information can be found in the dropdown under the architect section. Additionally, there is more information on the sectional doors as well as the garage doors on the products page.

The products page covers basic information like the thickness of the doors and functionality as well as technical specifications.

architect forum image NASSAU doors with windows