NASSAU Energy is a new generation of sectional doors that combine optimum insulation with a good light inflow and innovative design. The Danish Technological Institue has tested NASSAU Energy to a u-value of just 1,62 W/m2K. Combined with an innnovative selection of materials, this type of door provides new opportunities to create aesthetic structures that comply with the more stringent energy requirements, and also ensure a good working environment and high inflow of light.

Smart 90E section

NASSAU Energy is developed according to the stringent requirements of buildings’ energy parameters. NASSAU Energy consists of a smart sectiontype 90E. The new section is innovative solution build from an alumonium frame with a triple-layer filling construction that reduces the coldtransmission through the door magnificantly. The inside and outside fillings of the 90E section are leveled with the other sections of the door leaf. This ensures that the aluminium frame construction is not in direct contact with outside temperatures.

NASSAU Energy – overview

Supplied in combination with foamed bottom and topsection type 90F
Door width up to 5000 mm
NASSAU Energy section height 670 mm
Triple-glassed filling consisting of 4 mm scratch resistant standard acrylic (SAN) outside and 3 mm scratch resistant standard acrylic (SAN) inside
Supplied for all NASSAU track systems
NASSAU Energy can be operated manually or with NASSAU electrical equipment.