NASSAU 9000F – designed for intensive daily use. Modern design, durability and economy go hand-in-hand, providing a particularly robust and service-friendly door that will last for many years. The design of the door leaves forms a harmonic whole with the building, whilst the door’s construction can tolerate the heavy demands of intensive daily use. Modern design – customised to specific requirements to ensure that the NASSAU 9000F will always live up to our customers’ expectations. NASSAU 9000F is available with pass door, various window types, electrical operation and in any colour. Widths of right up to 10 meters can be produced to order.

NASSAU 9000F is manufactured in accordance with European guidelines and fulfils all rules and norms. The NASSAU 9000 range has been tested in accordance with European Norm 13241-1 by the Danish Technological Institute and fully approved in accordance with the new European norm.