Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you can find guiding answers to the frequently asked questions about NASSAU Doors.

All NASSAU garage doors are insulated garage doors.

Insulating capacity for NASSAU garage doors

It is very important to have a garage door with a good insulation ability in Denmark. As NASSAU’s garage door have a thickness of 44 millimeters, you will get one of the market’s best insulated garage doors. The garage door is constructed with broken the tunnel bridge between the front and back panel in the form of insulator strips. This, together with our efficient seals on both sides, top and bottom, ensures excellent insulation properties for NASSAU Garage ports. You get the market’s best insulated garage doors. You are sure that your car, or other gear, are standing dry and safe, behind a NASSAU garage door.


  • Airtightness: Class 4
  • Water resistance: Class 3
  • Wind load: Class 4
  • U-value (section): 0.5 W / m²K

Read more about the different garage door models here.

NASSAU Garage Doors are manufactured in Aluminum

NASSAU doors are well-known for high quality. Therefore, all NASSAU doors are produced in aluminum. The high quality and long service life of the doors are acknowledged both on industrial doors, car-wash doors, special doors and garage doors.

All NASSAU garage doors are produced in corrosion resistant aluminum. This means that if you were to be so unfortunate to get a scratch in your garage door, it does not rust as is the case with a garage door in steel.

The door leaf of our garage doors consists of highly insulating polyurethane foamed sections. The section thickness is 44mm – front and back are made of aluminum.

NASSAU Garage Doors are designed to be used – Our garage door has been tested to 74,000 cycles – in other words, it has opened and closed 74,000 times without faults and repair. Therefore, if the door is maintained according to our instructions, you have the most reliable garage door on the market.

In addition, all garage doors are supplied as standard with finger clamping and extended burglary protection. The finger clamp lock prevents jamming of fingers or objects between sections. The burglary protection acts as a lift lock, that keeps intruders out.

A garage door from NASSAU is in many ways therefore a good investment.

GARAGE DOOR adapted to you

At NASSAU Garageporte we are of the opinion that there are no houses completely the same. Like needs and tastes are different. Therefore, we won’t produce garage doors in standard measurements. We produce the garage door in individual goals and according to your design and needs.

We also ensure that the garage doors do not occupy more space than necessary.

Nassau garage doors are mounted inside the garage behind the frame. Making sure the garage door does not occupy any unnecessary space in the opening itself. The garage door always opens vertically in the sectional joints, then the garage space can be utilized optimally.

You design your garage door yourself

You choose the model, size, color, with/without windows and which accessories best suit the family’s needs. Because of the opinion that no houses are the same, you can choose garage doors in individual dimensions – and not a garage door according to standard measurements.

You can choose Garage door width from 2000 mm to 5000 mm, and a garage door height from 1830 mm to 3000 mm

If you need a larger garage door, then it must be ordered through the local sales consultant. The consultant comes out and measures and offers.

Find your local NASSAU sales consultant here

Burglary security from NASSAU

At NASSAU, we don’t want our customers to be visited by intruders. Therefore, our garage doors are always equipped with an extended burglary protection, which is SKG-certified. Our engine is equipped with a locking mechanism, making the door provide resistance if attempted to be opened from the outside. A lifting safety device is also fitted, which locks the pull rail and makes the process significantly more difficult from intruders.

NASSAU’s radio equipment increases security

With some of our solutions you can follow your garage door position at given time, this helps increasing security. In addition, you can use ismartgate, which is a remote control where you can control your garage door from your smartphone by an app. You can for instance use ismartgate as a surveillance system of your garage door when you are not at home. If you have forgotten to close the door, you can close the door when you are on the go using your smartphone. It creates a sense of security when ismartgate keeps an eye on your home.

We have a great focus on the safety of your garage door, so you can safely leave your home for several days when you are traveling or on holiday.

Garage doors from NASSAU in the highest quality and safety.

NASSAU always prioritises safety. With almost 50 years of experience in producing doors, we have a high level of knowledge about our products and their safety. We produce Industrial doors and Garage doors of the highest quality at our factory on Funen. Only the highest quality is good enough. A NASSAU garage door is therefore one of the market’s most secure garage door.

Besides our doors have a beautiful visual design, we do not compromise on quality and safety. It is an unpleasant experience to get your fingers caught in the door. Therefore we have developed a finger clamp protection on our garage doors. This ensures that your fingers and other objects are safe, and do not get caught between the sections when the door is going up or down. The NASSAU finger clamp lock is standard on all our garage doors. In addition, a garage door from NASSAU automatically stops if the security photocells notice something in the way, when the door is going down. The safety photocells therefore monitor the area around your garage door. They will send a signal to the engine if a person or object is in the garage door opening.

We often test our garage doors so that the quality and safety always remain at the highest level. We therefore always ensure that our solutions do not become obsolete. Therefore, we of course comply with all applicable legal requirements and applicable rules. Our garage door is the life-time test, where they are tested to open and close 74,000 times without errors and repairs. Thus, you secure one of the market’s most reliable garage doors.

There are several types of door openers for garage doors

When operating your garage door, radio equipment is an invaluable size. It gives one’s comfort in everyday life when you can control your garage door wireless. If you want to operate more than one garage door at a time, that of course is also an option.

It is super easy to get in your car, after which you can remotely use your controls and open your garage door.

NASSAU offers a wide range of remote controls for our garage doors – you get the solution that suits you the best. It increases flexibility and comfort when opening or closing your garage door.

Our hand transmitters can be programmed to control more than one garage door, depending on the model you want.

Several of the remote controls are equipped with a status button that allows you to see whether your garage door is open or closed when the garage door is out of sight. It’s a efficient way to see whether you’ve remembered to close your garage door or not.

With our keypad, you enter your desired code yourself, after which the people who know the code can open and close your garage door. Is works great if more than one needs to use the garage door. At the same time, you can give the code to someone who may need to deliver something to you while you are not at home. This code will be valid three times. The keypad comes with a screen protector – it is protected against the wind and weather.

Our radio equipment can be locked so your children do not use the garage door as a toy.

Easy programming

It is easy to program our remote controls and we have made a number of user manuals and video guides that can help you well on your way to an everyday life with more comfort.

If you want to open your garage door with your smartphone, you can easily open your garage door with your smartphone wherever you are. If you forgot to close the garage door, you can then see through the app whether or not your garage door is open, even if you are not home. If the door is open, you can easily close it using ismartgate.

As it is an app, new features are constantly being developed, these can increase your comfort in everyday life. You can read more about ismartgate here


Do you want to control everything from your car? Then HomeLink is the right solution. Using HomeLink, you can control your garage door directly from the car. HomeLink is a programmable remote control and it can control up to three different devices – for instance the garage door, the alarm system and the light.

The HomeLink panel consists of three programmable buttons and an indicator lamp in the rearview mirror.


Since its inception in 1970, NASSAU has been of the highest quality. We have our own factory in DENMARK – we want to give our customers the best quality and service. That is why we have gathered all our production, service and administration in Ringe on Funen. NASSAU strive to give the customer the best garage door for their needs and garage.

With more than 48 years of experience, NASSAU has extensive experience in producing garage doors and industrial doors in Denmark and our exporting countries. We do not compromise on quality, and our vast experience means that we can offer quality in all processes. NASSAU offer qualified advice during the planning phase, delivery, assembly and services.

We always focus on the customer, and we ensure that the customer gets a positive experience throughout the entire process.

NASSAU provides ports for the Thule base on Greenland, prisons, washrooms, etc., all of which make demands for the best quality.

All NASSAU garage doors are made in millimeters to fit the house. You can freely choose garage doors in 11 different colors. Garage doors with windows and which accessories fit the needs of the family. You can even design the best garage door for your needs.

NASSAU produces garage doors according to your wishes and needs.

What does a new garage door cost?

The prices start at 7995 DKK.

If you want to visually see your designs, you can in the Danish or Norwegian webshop. You enter goals and desires for garage door so you are sure it fits your needs and your house.
What color can I choose?
Should it be with or without windows?
All this you can design in Garageport webshop, which visually shows you how your garage door will look. If you have any doubts about surveying, you can choose Tryghedpak package in the webshop, and our building architects will come out and measure up. Of course we also help with delivery and assembly if you do not want a “do it yourself garage door solution”.

It is your garage door – therefore we arrange according to your wishes, so we ensure that you get the most from the garage door. You design and we produce at the factory in DENMARK.

NASSAU offers 3 different types of garage doors that have different surface structures. The three models are: NASSAU Classic, NASSAU Softline Granite and NASSAU Woodgrain. The garage door models are functionally identical, but each have their own unique expression and style. If you want to read more about the models, click here.

Quality at the forefront

We do not compromise on quality, and with 48 years of experience, we can offer quality in all processes. We offer qualified advice during the planning phase, delivery, assembly and services. Since its inception in 1970, NASSAU has been of the highest quality. We have our own factory in Denmark. We want to give our customers the best quality and service.

If you need advice, we are of course ready to answer your questions. Call +45 6262 2346 if you need help with your new garage door, or order by sending an e-mail:

NASSAU offers 3 different types of garage doors that have 3 different surface structures.
The three models are: NASSAU Classic, NASSAU Softline Granite and NASSAU Woodgrain. The three models are functionally similar, but each have their own unique expression and style. Choose the garage door that fits your house. At our factory in Ringe, all our garage doors are made of aluminum and at the same time you get one of the market’s best insulated garage doors.

NASSAU Classic is a garage door with stucco structure and comes with 44mm thick foamed panels.

NASSAU Woodgrain produced with an imitated wooden structure with a horizontal profile. The wooden structure gives a natural appearance to your garage.

NASSAU Softline Granite is produced on a smooth surface, which gives an exclusive appearance. Softline Granite garage doors are suitable for windows and doors in Sablé colors and Sablé surface.
Black Softline Granite Garage Gate matches noir 900 sablé windows and doors from among Velfac and Rational
Gray Softline Granite Garage Doors match noir 2100 sablé doors and windows from among Velfac and Rational
White Softline Granite Garage Doors Match White SAA 10F sablé from among Velfac and Rational


We produce garage doors according to your wishes.

Choose the size that suits you and your house. We produce your garage door according to your individual goals, wishes and needs. At the same time you have the opportunity to adapt the garage door with vision or panorama windows.

With a NASSAU garage door, you make everyday life easier at the touch of a remote control, which is always supplied with an electric control and remote control. In our webshop you can easily and easily design your own unique garage door to fit your house.

We offer qualified advice during the planning phase, delivery, assembly and services.

Depending on which model you choose, there are 11 standard colors, from which you can freely when designing your garage door. Our factory, located on Funen, produces three different garage doors. They are called: NASSAU Classic, NASSAU Softline Granite and NASSAU Woodgrain. When you are ordering your garage door, you can design your garage door so that it fits your goals, wishes and needs. you can also choose a garage door color that matches your house.

The right color choice for your NASSAU garage door

Our NASSAU Classic garage door is available in 11 standard colors. You can choose freely from these to suit your house. If you want a garage color that is outside the standard colors, you also have the option of a specific RAL color of your choosing. You can get Classic and Woodgrain in all RAL colors.

See a large selection of RAL color codes here.

For our NASSAU Softline Granite garage door, there are 3 different standard colors, whereas for the Woodgrain model there are 4 different standard colors. Here you also have the opportunity to enter a specific color for your next garage door. Inside, NASSAU is always supplied in the color gray-white.

We have therefore made it possible for you to choose just that color choice that suits you and your house. We take pride in offering our customers individual solutions.

All NASSAU Doors are produced in Denmark at the factory in Ringe on Funen, both industrial and garage doors. The factory has been at the same location since 1970, and we take great pride in out doors are “made in Denmark”

Even though NASSAU is named after the capital of the Bahamas, it is a 100% Danish company. NASSAU is the leading Danish manufacturer of sectional doors for industrial use, agriculture and for private garage doors.

With the production located on Funen, we guarantee a fast delivery on Garage doors, all made specifically for you.

All garage doors are produced in Denmark. The industrial doors are also produced in Denmark.

Read more about the different types of garage doors here.

Our webshop is only available in Denmark and Norway. Order your garage door by e-mail:, og by phone: +45 6262 2346

A “blower door test” is not a test of the garage door itself, but a test of the building’s overall density. The fan is set up in a doorway. We inform you about the garage door’s air-tightness is class 3 (cf. EN 12426) applicable to all NASSAU garage doors. Therefore, NASSAU garage doors cannot be “blower door tested”.

The insulation capacity of the garage door also called the garage door’s U-value on the garage door section is 0.5W/m2K

If you need a precisely calculated U-value, we must know the garage door’s dimensions and specifications (with/without window). A garage door with a window has a lower U-value than a garage door without a window.

About Blower Door Test

Since April 1, 2006, it has been a mandatory requirement by the building regulations to control the density of new houses. All buildings that are built as building class 2020, which is the low energy class, are required for documentation of the density screen. It is also required that pressure testing be performed by an independent, qualified pressure tester.

For several reasons, your house should be close:

  • The heat escapes around windows, doors and joints. Therefore, more energy must be used to maintain the appropriate temperature.
  • Leaky houses provide drafts. Surfaces will feel cold.
  • This can cause damage to houses. Especially if the humidity is high, it provides good breeding ground for mold and decay.

What consideration should be taken by the sea?

A Garage doors from NASSAU is made to withstand a lot of wind. We have tested our garage doors at the SP institute for wind load. This means, they test how large wind pressure the garage doors can withstand. If you live by the shore and own a garage door from NASSAU, you won’t need the take further consideration.

NASSAU Garage Doors are tested to minimum class 3. The screws may start to detach from the panels at 1100 Pascal (Pa). We therefore guarantee that NASSAU garage doors can withstand an atmospheric pressure of minimum 965 Pascal (Pa). In comparison, a hurricane is equivalent to 700 Pascal (Pa).

You can safely choose a NASSAU Garage door up to 5 meters in width and 2.33 meters in height, if you need a Garage door by the sea.
Read about the models here.

To order a Garage door from NASSAU, contact by e-mail: or Call: +45 6262 2346.
The webshop is only available in Denmark and Norway, and it can be accessed here: Danish WebshopNorwegian webshop

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