Garage Door – Woodgrain

Woodgrain Garage Door

woodgrain garage door nassau


NASSAU Woodgrain Garage Doors are  manufactured in aluminum with imitation of wood structure outside and a horizontal profile.  Wood structure gives a natural appearance, making the door consistent with a building.  Woodgrain like the other two Garage Door types are built in three sections with 44 mm insulating PU foam section which effectively break the thermal bridge between the front and the back panel. It gives the best insulated Garage Doors on the market. Danish produced Garage Doors from NASSAU are with bottom and top profile in black powder coated aluminum and an effective sealing strip. It gives a great visual finish and secures strong tightness. If you wish higher comfort and flexibility in a busy every day, than Garage Doors from NASSAU are the right choice. Electrical operation system and remote control allows you to open and close the Garage Door convenient from your car. 


• Width: 2000 – 5000 mm
• Height: 1830 – 3000 mm
• 2 different standard colour outside
• Grey white RAL 9002 with stucco-structure inside
• Possible to order Woodgrain Garage Door in Vision and Panorama window type
• Door operating equipment and 1 piece. 2-channel remote control

If your measurements do not match and you wish further information please contact your local dealer.


• Clear headroom : Min. 120-250 mm.
• Side room : 90-100 mm.
• Depth: Min. 3305 mm – 4350 mm.


• Air tightness: Class 4
• Water tightness: Class 3
• Wind resistance: Class 4
• U-value (section): 0,5 W/m²K

nassau Softline door smooth surface


It is possible externally to choose between 4 different standard colours to your new Woodgrain Garage Door –

Internally, Woodgrain is always delivered in grey white colour RAL 9002.


You have the possibility to choose all RAL colour, see more HERE.