We are still able to deliver garagedoors in 2-4 weeks and industrial doors 4-6 weeks, depending on location. 

Industrial doors

NASSAU is one of Europe’s leading manufacturer of overhead doors/sectional doors. Since 1970, NASSAU Door has combined high quality and durability with functionality and appealing design.


At NASSAU you get quality in all stages, we control, measure, deliver and mount your new Garage door, so you are guaranteed the best solution for your house.


One of NASSAU’s basic goals is to provide a service that meets the uncompromising demands we make on the quality, function and safety of the doors.


Europe's leading manufacturer of industrial sectional doors and garage doors.

Functional design, uncompromising quality and competent service are some of the key words behind the best doors on the market. At NASSAU Door, you shop directly with the manufacturer, without costly intermediaries. Although we focus on quality, the price should of course also be right – try, and be convinced!

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NASSAU has been manufacturing industrial doors of the highest quality since 1970. NASSAU is now building garage doors for private individuals, following a large request from architects. The many years of experience in the business, have given NASSAU Door a significant increase in both quality and service. Everything from technical assistance in the planning phase, to quality control in production, and assembly is done by highly qualified fitters. Ongoing support, service, and maintenance of the doors ensure the customer the optimal experience throughout the entire lifetime of the door. Additionally NASSAU Door has a broad range of retailers across the globe. All retailers live up to the NASSAU spirit of operative excellence in every part of the customer journey. Do not hesitate to contact us or one of our many local retailers.

NASSAU Door delivers high-quality industrial doors to many businesses across the globe. There are many different models of our industrial doors, but all of them share the same level of quality and service. If you are interested you can learn more about our industrial doors here.

As well as industrial doors NASSAU Door also produces garage doors for private customers. The Garage door is, like the industrial door also produced in aluminum, which as a result makes it one of the best garage doors on the market. The aluminum makes the door extra corrosion resistant resulting in a significantly longer lifetime of the door. You can read more about our Garage doors here.

All NASSAU doors are produced at the factory in Denmark.



Want to SAVE MONEY on the heating bill with the MARKET’S BEST INSULATING door

TAKE CARE OF THE ENVIRONMENT and reduce your energy consumption

NASSAU has developed the best insulating sectional door in the market. The door is 82 mm thick. This gives a U-value of 0.43 W/m2K, which is more than twice as good U-value than typical sectional doors in the market.