Separate facade door


Other than doors integrated into the sectional door, NASSAU now also offers three types of separate facade doors that are produced about the specific alignment of the sectional door and thereby creating a harmonious end-to-end solution between the building, the sectional door, and the separate door. This results in a timeless stylish expression that will last a lifetime.

NASSAU quality solutions

In practice, there are unlimited possibilities for putting together a solution that fits the particular building. NASSAU 9000 allows for a practical and harmonious overall solution between door and building.  Read more about NASSAU’s facade doors in the door handbook here.

Three types of separate facade doors

At NASSAU we, as before mentioned, have facade doors integrated directly into the sectional door. The integrated facade doors are exclusively for industrial sectional doors. The facade door integrated into the wall is also a feature available for private garage doors. 

There are three different kinds of separate facade doors. The aluminum door system which is the lightest and most corrosive resistant door system of the three. The Economy door is the cheapest of the three and is meant for the price-conscious consumer. The last of the three is the Thermo door solution. The Thermo door is the best insulating solution for the three. The Thermo door is an excellent choice for the garage owner who needs a separate facade door but does not want the heat in the garage to slip out from the cold bridge in the door.

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