Thermo door


nassau separate thermo facade door

New profile system reduces the comsumption of Energy

The NASSAU Thermo Door System is a new program of separate pass doors, that offers strong insulation values, aesthetic design and solutions with integrated NASSAU 9000 sectional doors leafs and fillings.

thermo door specifications

NASSAU Thermo Doors quality solutions

NASSAU Thermo Door System can be combined with a fixed over field, which is supplied with the same profile system as the door. The doors can be right or left hinged and have a outside or inside opening. The Thermo Doors are produced individually for each customer. Wide program of glass fillings offers many opportunities. See and click on the scheme above for more information.

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Thermo graphic illustration

The NASSAU Thermo Door System saves costs on energy. The effective insulator strips stop the transmission of cold through the aluminium profiles.

Thermo Door frame profile

Broken thermal bridge

Frame illustration thermo door

Outside temperature 0°

Inside temperature 20°

Thermal Illustration thermo door