NASSAU 8000 Extra insulated door


The new NASSAU 8000 energy-saving sectional door combines unique product features and a focus on energy saving. Equipped with exceptional insulating properties, this sectional door provides the market’s best insulation value. Choosing a NASSAU 8000 sectional door saves you money on your heating bills.

With a wide range of optional features, NASSAU 8000 has the power to meets demands for flexibility and custom solutions. This energy-saving sectional door is also ideal for use in cold environments where a constant indoor temperature is required. NASSAU never compromises on quality – the robust and stable 8000 model is a sectional door built to withstand wear and intensive use.

The unique product features of NASSAU 8000 ensure that the gate and our customers help support the UN’s world goals for sustainable development, No. 7, 12 and 13 on sustainable energy consumption. Read more about the world goals here.

NASSAU 8000 energy-saving sectional door

Reduce your energy consumption

In a well-insulated building, 25% of the heat escapes through the roof, 35% through the walls, 15% through the floor, and, not least, 25% through the building’s openings, e.g. doors and windows.

We strive to ensure that NASSAU doors are not responsible for unnecessarily high energy consumption in buildings. The new NASSAU 8000 model is designed to deliver strong insulation value, helping to reduce the 25% of the heat that escapes through doors and windows. By choosing NASSAU, you help us make a difference. We can also advise on how the various options in NASSAU electronic control systems can further reduce your building’s energy consumption.

We want to support the UN’s world goals, for this very reason, we put much emphasis on the insulation ability of NASSAU 8000, making it an excellent energy-saving sectional door.

The market keeps demanding improving values

The market demands ever-improving insulation values, particularly in the Nordic countries, driven by an interest in reducing energy consumption for the sake of the environment and lower heating bills.

NASSAU 8000 energy-saving sectional door has more than twice the U-value of typical sectional doors on the market. This exceptional insulation is the result of the door’s 82 mm-thick door leaf and its numerous interrupted thermal bridges. By delivering the market’s best U-value, our customers reduce their energy consumption and expenses.

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NASSAU 8000 sectional door
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Tight close

The innovative new top, base, and side gaskets ensure a very tight close between the door leaf and the building. The base and top sections are made from an insulating material, further contributing to the unique insulating properties of this sectional door.

The high degree of insulation

The NASSAU 8000 sectional door has 82 mm thick door leaf sections with CFC-free PIR foam. The many effective interrupted thermal bridges produce a uniquely low U-value, which translates to significant energy savings.

Air-tight and highly insulated on all sides

A tight seal between the rail system and door leaf is achieved using double-edged side gaskets – and the door leaf’s side cassettes are divided into two sections to ensure a high insulation effect.

Innovative base gasket

The unique wide base gasket keeps the door water- and air-tight. It is tested by the applicable sectional door standard and safety regulations and provides extremely effective and safe edge protection.

Fire-resistant function

The door leaf’s foam-filled sections are categorized B1 by DIN 4102, making NASSAU 8000 a safe choice for fire prevention as well.

Door profile interior nassau 8000

Technical specifications

Door size (standard):

  • Width: 1,500 mm – 10,000 mm
  • Height: 1,500 mm – 6,000 mm

Insulation properties:

  • U-value = 0.43 W/m2K (according to EN 12 428)1 1)
    • Door size: 5m x 5m without windows
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Energy-saving sectional door

The new NASSAU 8000 energy-saving sectional door helps to keep energy costs down. With its 82 mm thick door leaf, this model is more than twice as energy efficient as standard sectional doors. The new NASSAU 8000 will undoubtedly improve your energy savings. This new sectional door also enables you to maintain your optimum indoor temperature. Designed with many interrupted thermal bridges, the door is highly insulated in the right places.

Comfortable working environment

The new NASSAU 8000 sectional door minimizes draught and condensation with a series of highly effective gaskets. Internal and external temperature differences cannot penetrate the effective thermal barrier provided by this sectional door. With NASSAU 8000, you give your employees the best possible working conditions, and you ensure that your workplace is comfortable and secure.

Top section with double top gasket nassau 8000

Top section with double top gasket

The top section is made of insulating material, keeping the insulation value low. The top section is equipped with double top gasket lips, creating an air cavity that insulates the door extremely tight against the wall.

Side cassettes with interrupted thermal bridges nassau 8000

Side cassettes with interrupted thermal bridges

Interrupted thermal bridges are an essential component of delivering the market’s best U-value. Therefore, the front and back panels of the door leaf are completely separated. But we do not stop here. We have also effectively separated the side cassettes of the door leaf. These cassettes are custom designed and built from steel and synthetic materials.

Base section in insulating material nassau 8000

Base section in insulating material

Steel and aluminium are good conductors of heat. To improve the insulation value, we at NASSAU have explored materials that can stop the negative effects of this high conductivity. As a result of these efforts, the base section of the NASSAU 8000 sectional door is made of an insulating material that forms an additional interrupted thermal bridge between the front and back panels at the base of the door leaf.

Solid and wide base gasket nassau 8000

Solid and wide base gasket

Creating good insulation properties requires that the base, top and sides are all well-insulated against the walls and floor. Therefore, NASSAU has endeavoured to produce the market’s widest base gasket, providing a tighter seal against the floor. This base gasket is also designed with small insulating cavities, further contributing to the sectional door’s exceptional insulation value.

Nassau 8000 building door

Engineering excellence

NASSAU 8000 is the result of many years of development efforts. Many of the sectional door’s hinges and fittings are adjustable to ensure the best possible fit and tightness of the individual door. Therefore, we recommend that these sectional doors are always installed by our experienced sectional door installers to ensure precision and optimal adjustment.

Standard Equipment

Delivering the U-value the market demands

NASSAU 8000 energy-saving sectional door offer more than twice the U-value of typical sectional doors – helping you meet market demands and reducing your energy consumption.

82 mm door leaf

The NASSAU 8000 door leaf consists of 82 mm-thick steel sections. The well-known NASSAU design is evident in both the interior and exterior components of the sectional door.


The NASSAU 8000 sectional door is among the safest sectional door solutions on the market, as all moving parts are equipped with carefully considered and designed safety features.

Internal wiring

The sectional door’s lifting wire runs through a closed rail system, minimising the risk of contact between the wire and persons or objects.

Torsion springs

The spring system is designed individually for each individual sectional door. Quality and precision in the manufacture of the torsion spring ensures easy and trouble-free door operation. A spring solution designed for approximately 20,000 openings is delivered as standard.

Spring breakage safety system

The sectional door is equipped with a safety mechanism that prevents it from crashing down if the torsion spring should break.

Adjustable hinges and fittings

The sectional door is equipped with adjustable hinges and fittings to ensure optimum and tight installation. This makes the sectional door completely air-tight, preventing draughts when it is closed.

Base edge safety system in electrically-operated doors

The base edge safety system automatically stops the sectional door if it comes into contact with persons or objects while closing.

Custom-built door rollers

The door rollers are custom-built using materials that ensure long life and friction-free operation.

Standard colours

NASSAU 8000 is available in two pre-painted standard colours: anthracite (RAL 7016 / ND701) or white aluminium (RAL 9006 / ND100). These two colours are among the most sought after in the market. The interior section of NASSAU 8000 is supplied in the popular pre-painted grey white standard colour (RAL 9002 / ND953).


It pays to perform regular maintenance and service of your sectional doors, doors and other industrial solutions. Ongoing maintenance and service extends the lifetime of the products and prevents malfunctions.

Quality every step of the way

At NASSAU, we deliver high quality every step of the way. We strive to ensure excellence in our products, customer support, manufacturing processes, installation and service. This guarantees you peace of mind and competitive prices.

We always have a service technician nearby

NASSAU provides professional service around the clock. Our more than 50 service technicians are based locally throughout Denmark and can respond quickly on short notice – protecting the consistency of your day-to-day operations.

Service for all door solutions

In addition to sectional doors, NASSAU also services highspeed doors, fire doors, garage doors, door automation systems, and various logistics solutions. NASSAU’s service technicians are always up-to-date and trained in the repair of all manufacturers’ door products.

Advice and installation

At NASSAU, the customer is in focus. Our experienced technicians and consultants provide advice and guidance to ensure that you receive the ideal solution for your company.

Preventive service

Ongoing maintenance extends the life of your products. A service agreement with NASSAU reduces your maintenance costs.

Assistance and repairs

We can help remedy unexpected malfunctions within a few hours, giving you peace of mind in your everyday work. We offer service agreements to meet your needs for quick, competent and certified service of all your industrial sectional doors, doors and logistics solutions.

Service picture 8000 door

“At Boxit, it’s important that our doors are always functioning optimally, and that they are safe for our customers to use. Our service agreement with NASSAU provides this assurance, and with the regular maintenance we know that the doors will always function perfectly.”

Christian Nielsen, CEO – Boxit

Nassau 8000 door white grey

Optional features

Custom colours

In addition to NASSAU’s standard colours, the sectional doors can be supplied in all standard RAL liquid paint colours – the pre-painted door leaf is painted over with your desired colour.

The market’s best insulated windows

The NASSAU 8000 is available with an 80W window section, with square windows and fixed frames filled with four layers of 2 mm P MMA.

Door lock

As an alternative to a standard internal pin tumbler lock, an NL16 lock is also available. The NL16 door lock has profile cylinders and a handle for external and internal operation.

Various options

The NASSAU 8000 sectional door is available with a wide range of optional features, including rust-free hinges, rust-free cassettes, special springs for more than 20,000 openings, spring housing, etc.

Electric operation

As an alternative to manually operated sectional doors, the NASSAU 8000 is also available with electric operation. In addition to improved comfort and safety advantages, an electrically operated sectional door from NASSAU also offers economic benefits, including reduced heat loss in connection with door opening.

Operating controls

NASSAU sectional doors with electric operation can be supplied with a variety of different control systems, depending on the customer’s needs. As an alternative to the standard control type NCU310, with up/stop/down impulse control, NASSAU also offers control systems with a frequency inverter for quick opening and systems with battery backup.

NASSAU gear motor

The choice of motor depends on the specifications of the sectional door and the customer’s functional requirements. At NASSAU, we offer a wide range of high quality motors in different sizes. This means that we always supply a motor that is ideal for the sectional door and its application.


The standard control box comes with three integrated, backlit buttons: up, stop and down. Depending on the customer’s needs, we also offer a range of different push button boxes with and without key operation – and operation can also be performed via remote control, code keypad, pull switch or radar.

Remote control

Choose from radio transmitters for operating 1 to 999 sectional doors. We also offer wireless wall transmitters and wireless keypads – two solutions that eliminate the need for cabling.

Various electrical control options

In addition to the optional features already mentioned, we also offer equipment such as photocells, key switches, electric door locks and vehicle sensors. We can also design custom solutions, e.g. central control systems tailored to your needs and wishes. At NASSAU, we are always ready and willing to provide expert technical advice.

Technical information

Width Building opening measurements in mm 1500 – 10000 mm (standard)
Height Building opening measurements in mm 1500 – 6000 mm (depending on rail system)
Material (door leaf) Panels / insulation foam Pre-painted steel / PIR foam
Section size Height in mm 545 mm
Thickness in mm 82 mm
Resistance to wind load According to EN13241 / EN12424 Class 5*
Thermal transmittance According to EN13241 / EN12428 0.43 W/m2K**
Resistance to water penetration According to EN13241 / EN12425 Class 4*
Air permeability According to EN13241 / EN12426 Class 3*
Durability test According to EN13241 100.000 cycles (opening + closing)
Gaskets Side gaskets Black 6 mm synthetic material
Top gaskets Black TPE
Base gaskets Black EPDM
Base section and top section Black PVC
Side cassette insulator Black PVC
Pedestrian door Built-in pedestrian door not available with this model. The NASSAU 9000 sectional door model is recommended if a pedestrian door is needed.
Windows Type 80W 4×2 Square, fixed frame windows with four layers of 2 mm PMMA
Rail systems Type Refer to NASSAU sectional door manual, chapter 6


Depth requirement as with NASSAU 9000 model + 40 mm
Balancing system Torsion springs Standard approximately 20,000 cycles (opening + closing)
Springs for up to 100,000 cycles available as optional equipment
Electric operation All types of NASSAU industrial controls NCU controls and NPU motors
Control / motor Control type NCU310 Standard (impulse control)
Control type NCU310FU Option (with frequency inverter)
Control type NCU310UPS Option (with battery backup)
Motor types NPU50/NPU100/NPU130
Electric operation accessories Refer to the NASSAU sectional door manual Option

* Values for steel door measuring 4×3,3 m without windows and passdoor ** Values for steel door measuring 5×5 m without windows and passdoor