Service & maintenance


Service on industrial doors

Industrial doors need ongoing maintenance to ensure a long and problem-free lifetime of the products. Preventive maintenance on high-wear exposed parts, such as the door rollers, wires, and torsion springs, is a good way to increase safety, avoid unexpected breakdowns, and prolong the lifetime of the door.

A door is never better than the installation

Our goal is not only to produce industrial doors of the highest quality but also to make sure that when we install doors we are top of the class. We have high demands for our dealers and the quality of their installations. We make sure that all installers, both internal and external, receive continuous training in our products. Furthermore, we demand that they always stay up to date. We guarantee that our high-quality products are installed correctly, so you as a customer can obtain the full potential of the doors, with our high-quality door service.

Avoid problems and save money

With the right ongoing care and maintenance, Your NASSAU Door can function for decades. Ongoing maintenance is therefore a good investment. By replacing the high-wear exposed parts before they break, you can avoid further damage to your doors. Furthermore, a sectional overhead door needs to be balanced regularly to ensure that it runs smoothly in its tracks. Unnecessary wear is thereby avoided and you avoid unexpected breakdowns.

Safety for employees and customers

Maintenance of your doors lowers the risk of accidents. All NASSAU products are supplied with special safety features and all doors live up to present international safety standards, and with continuous maintenance and service inspections, you ensure these safety features are functioning correctly, year after year.

We always make sure that service is provided and delivered by our verified and trusted service partners, either in-house or affiliates.

Please contact your local NASSAU dealer to get more information about their service program.