NASSAU Panorama


The NASSAU Panorama creates optimal light in the building. Especially in showrooms such as the car- and boat industry where products are displayed, and where you besides the inflow of light also require opening possibilities in order to get the products in and out of the building.

NASSAU Panorama is delivered without vertical bars and offers a simple and aesthetic design. NASSAU Panorama is made of strong anodized aluminum profiles. The height of the middle sections varies between 400 – 500 mm, and offers the opportunity to match the lines in the building. NASSAU Panorama is available with two different fillings, and in case you need the profiles painted this can be done in any color you prefer.

NASSAU Panorama is manufactured in accordance with European guidelines and fulfils all rules and norms and tested in accordance with European Norm 13241-1 by the Danish Technological Institute.di


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