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NASSAU 9000F sectional doors – Highly insulated and robust doors

NASSAU port model 9000F (Foam) sectional lift doors are designed for intensive daily use. The robust industrial door is created for countless openings and closures. The hidden section joints combined with the embossed surface give the industrial door a simple and harmonious design that suits modern buildings.


NASSAU 9000G sectional doors – Light and view port

NASSAU 9000G (Glass) Industrial doors with glass are specially designed where a large amount of light is required. Elegant lightness is the key word for 9000G Industrial Door. Here you can combine glass with other fillings and it all gets hit by light but strong aluminum profiles.

9000G Industrial doors are very useful for showrooms.

NASSAU 9000M sectional doors – Flexibility and light port

With the NASSAU 9000M (Mix) Industrial Doors, you can combine the best of 9000F and 9000G. You can get light with design elements in aluminium framing and with optional fillings. You can add the well-insulated foamed sections in the same sectional lift.

NASSAU Panorama sectional lift doors – Insulation with maximum light

The elongated Panorama window sections without vertical slats create a stylish and light industrial door that provides maximum light input. This can, for example, be in connection with exhibition areas where one wants to show his products, for example a car, boat or caravan exhibitions, as well as for car washes or the likes.


NASSAU Energy sectional lift doors – Insulation, light and design

NASSAU Energy industrial doors combine optimum insulation capability, high light input and innovative design in one and the same industrial door. An innovative solution that reduces energy consumption without compromising on functionality and quality.