Who is NASSAU?


Since its foundation in 1970, NASSAU Door A/S has earned a reputation for being a rapidly growing company, taking it to its current position as one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of sectional overhead doors for industry and private use.
NASSAU’s success also extends from its headquarters in Denmark onto the international scene, with subsidiaries in Norway, Sweden, Holland, and Belgium, plus an extensive network of dealers in other countries within Europe and beyond.

NASSAU focus on product development and innovation  

By focusing on new product development and opening up new markets, NASSAU continues to build and extend its market position. The fruits of this policy can be seen in its steady increase in market share in Europe over the last few years.

Functional door design goes hand-in-hand with a wide range of architectural styles, and NASSAU’s goal is to be the architect’s preferred choice when it comes to challenging new constructions and refurbishment of existing buildings. The competent consultancy provides customer support throughout the value chain – from initial contact to installation, servicing, and maintenance advice.

A dedicated team  

NASSAU has a comprehensive team of consultants and specially trained fitters backed by a well-developed service organization, all dedicated to ensuring a high level of support for product functionality, maintenance, and durability.

We do not only develop doors but good customer relations too by working consistently to ensure that the customer’s impression of NASSAU and its products is a positive one – right from initial consultation to delivery, installation, and maintenance.
As a manufacturer of industrial sectional overhead doors, NASSAU operates primarily in the Business-to-Business market. Usually, we deal directly with the end-user, or via building contractors or consultants (engineers/architects).

Tailor-made solutions from NASSAU 

What is expected of our doors depends on the industry sector they are to be used. Consequently, we have developed a range of highly flexible doors, which enables us to supply tailor-made solutions to such a wide range of sectors as agriculture, logistics, food and beverages, fire stations, car dealers, industrial enterprises and workshops, plus private customers requiring a high-quality door in an attractive design.

Our product range is marketed under the NASSAU brand name and covers a spectrum of automatic and manually-operated doors – all with one thing in common – NASSAU quality. And of course, each one will be designed to meet the customer’s specific requirements regarding functionality, climatic conditions, size, and design. Requirements that cannot be met regarding our standard range are referred to our Technical Department, which will provide customized solutions.

The breadth of our product range is backed by a truly flexible service concept. We recommend all our customers take out a service agreement with the local NASSAU dealer to cover all maintenance needs for doors and accessories. Cover includes safety checks and preventive maintenance.

Product backed up by a professional service organization  

A service agreement is an additional guarantee of a long-lasting, fully functional sectional overhead door. Some European countries have made it a requirement by law that overhead doors must have at least one annual service check – something that is automatically covered by a service agreement.

State-of-the-art production facility  

NASSAU’s doors and panels are all produced at our factory located in Denmark. Panel production and door assembly are performed at one of Europe’s most modern production plants in Ringe.
NASSAU’s modern production facilities provide a high degree of flexibility, allowing NASSAU to offer individual solutions, but always with the same high standard of quality. They also mean that design, delivery times, and quality for all our products are always up to and exceed market expectations.

Denmark Flag Danish

Krogagervej 2
DK-5750 Ringe
Tel.: +45 62 62 23 46
Fax: +45 62 62 39 18
E-mail: info@nassau.dk

Belgian Flag Belgium

NASSAU Door nv
Westerring PB 75
B-9700 Oudenaarde
Tel.: +32 55 30 70 00
Fax: +32 55 30 70 01
E-mail: sales@nassau-door.be

Holland Nederland Flag Dutch

Bredaseweg 51 
NL-4844 CK Terheijden
The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 162 47 60 00
Fax: +31 162 47 60 92
E-mail: Service@alsta-nassau.nl

Norwegian Flag Norway

Strandveien 33
NO-3050 Mjøndalen
Tel.: +47 32 23 65 10
Fax: +47 32 23 65 11
E-mail: info@nassau.no