Isolates more – Good for the environment – Good for the economy

You can save money on the heating bill by choosing the NASSAU 8000 sectional door. The unique properties create good insulation, and thus making the door, the one with best insulation value on the market.

There is a wide range of functions that makes the door meet many needs. In addition to all the standard features, many functions can be purchased, which makes the door adaptable to almost any need. If you want a constant temperature inside, this port is an optimal choice, it keeps the heat inside. The 8000 port can withstand intensive use and wear.

At NASSAU we do not compromise on quality.

All of the unique product features of NASSAU 8000 help ensure the door and our customers support the UN’s world goals against sustainable development No. 7, 12 and 13 on sustainable energy consumption. Read more about the world goals here.

NASSAU 8000 energy-saving sectional door

The new NASSAU 8000 port reduces your energy consumption

Well insulated buildings lose at least 25% of the heat through openings, such as doors, passdoors and windows. NASSAU wants to reduce this, and therefore much emphasis has been placed on the insulation capacity of the 8000 model.

The reason a 8000 door has such a good insulating capacity is the door’s 82 mm-thick door leaf and its numerous interrupted thermal bridges. This gives more than twice as good U-value than typical sectional doors in the market.

At NASSAU, we want to support the UN World Goals. Therefore, much emphasis has been placed on the doors insulation ability, which gives you the market’s best insulating door if you order NASSAU 8000.