Which garage doors are most secure against burglary?

Burglary security from NASSAU

At NASSAU, we don’t want our customers to be visited by intruders. Therefore, our garage doors are always equipped with an extended burglary protection, which is SKG-certified. Our engine is equipped with a locking mechanism, making the door provide resistance if attempted to be opened from the outside. A lifting safety device is also fitted, which locks the pull rail and makes the process significantly more difficult from intruders.

NASSAU’s radio equipment increases security

With some of our solutions you can follow your garage door position at given time, this helps increasing security. In addition, you can use ismartgate, which is a remote control where you can control your garage door from your smartphone by an app. You can for instance use ismartgate as a surveillance system of your garage door when you are not at home. If you have forgotten to close the door, you can close the door when you are on the go using your smartphone. It creates a sense of security when ismartgate keeps an eye on your home.

We have a great focus on the safety of your garage door, so you can safely leave your home for several days when you are traveling or on holiday.