What is the standard measurements for a garagedoor?

GARAGE DOOR adapted to you

At NASSAU Garageporte we are of the opinion that there are no houses completely the same. Like needs and tastes are different. Therefore, we won’t produce garage doors in standard measurements. We produce the garage door in individual goals and according to your design and needs.

We also ensure that the garage doors do not occupy more space than necessary.

Nassau garage doors are mounted inside the garage behind the frame. Making sure the garage door does not occupy any unnecessary space in the opening itself. The garage door always opens vertically in the sectional joints, then the garage space can be utilized optimally.

You design your garage door yourself

You choose the model, size, color, with/without windows and which accessories best suit the family’s needs. Because of the opinion that no houses are the same, you can choose garage doors in individual dimensions – and not a garage door according to standard measurements.

You can choose Garage door width from 2000 mm to 5000 mm, and a garage door height from 1830 mm to 3000 mm

If you need a larger garage door, then it must be ordered through the local sales consultant. The consultant comes out and measures and offers.

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