Are garage doors best in aluminum or steel?

NASSAU Garage Doors are manufactured in Aluminum

NASSAU doors are well-known for high quality. Therefore, all NASSAU doors are produced in aluminum. The high quality and long service life of the doors are acknowledged both on industrial doors, car-wash doors, special doors and garage doors.

All NASSAU garage doors are produced in corrosion resistant aluminum. This means that if you were to be so unfortunate to get a scratch in your garage door, it does not rust as is the case with a garage door in steel.

The door leaf of our garage doors consists of highly insulating polyurethane foamed sections. The section thickness is 44mm – front and back are made of aluminum.

NASSAU Garage Doors are designed to be used – Our garage door has been tested to 74,000 cycles – in other words, it has opened and closed 74,000 times without faults and repair. Therefore, if the door is maintained according to our instructions, you have the most reliable garage door on the market.

In addition, all garage doors are supplied as standard with finger clamping and extended burglary protection. The finger clamp lock prevents jamming of fingers or objects between sections. The burglary protection acts as a lift lock, that keeps intruders out.

A garage door from NASSAU is in many ways therefore a good investment.