Is it insulated garage doors?

All NASSAU garage doors are insulated garage doors.

Insulating capacity for NASSAU garage doors

It is very important to have a garage door with a good insulation ability in Denmark. As NASSAU’s garage door have a thickness of 44 millimeters, you will get one of the market’s best insulated garage doors. The garage door is constructed with broken the tunnel bridge between the front and back panel in the form of insulator strips. This, together with our efficient seals on both sides, top and bottom, ensures excellent insulation properties for NASSAU Garage ports. You get the market’s best insulated garage doors. You are sure that your car, or other gear, are standing dry and safe, behind a NASSAU garage door.


  • Airtightness: Class 4
  • Water resistance: Class 3
  • Wind load: Class 4
  • U-value (section): 0.5 W / m²K

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