Which door openers are there?

There are several types of door openers for garage doors

When operating your garage door, radio equipment is an invaluable size. It gives one’s comfort in everyday life when you can control your garage door wireless. If you want to operate more than one garage door at a time, that of course is also an option.

It is super easy to get in your car, after which you can remotely use your controls and open your garage door.

NASSAU offers a wide range of remote controls for our garage doors – you get the solution that suits you the best. It increases flexibility and comfort when opening or closing your garage door.

Our hand transmitters can be programmed to control more than one garage door, depending on the model you want.

Several of the remote controls are equipped with a status button that allows you to see whether your garage door is open or closed when the garage door is out of sight. It’s a efficient way to see whether you’ve remembered to close your garage door or not.

With our keypad, you enter your desired code yourself, after which the people who know the code can open and close your garage door. Is works great if more than one needs to use the garage door. At the same time, you can give the code to someone who may need to deliver something to you while you are not at home. This code will be valid three times. The keypad comes with a screen protector – it is protected against the wind and weather.

Our radio equipment can be locked so your children do not use the garage door as a toy.

Easy programming

It is easy to program our remote controls and we have made a number of user manuals and video guides that can help you well on your way to an everyday life with more comfort.

If you want to open your garage door with your smartphone, you can easily open your garage door with your smartphone wherever you are. If you forgot to close the garage door, you can then see through the app whether or not your garage door is open, even if you are not home. If the door is open, you can easily close it using ismartgate.

As it is an app, new features are constantly being developed, these can increase your comfort in everyday life. You can read more about ismartgate here


Do you want to control everything from your car? Then HomeLink is the right solution. Using HomeLink, you can control your garage door directly from the car. HomeLink is a programmable remote control and it can control up to three different devices – for instance the garage door, the alarm system and the light.

The HomeLink panel consists of three programmable buttons and an indicator lamp in the rearview mirror.