Which garage door is the best?


Since its inception in 1970, NASSAU has been of the highest quality. We have our own factory in DENMARK – we want to give our customers the best quality and service. That is why we have gathered all our production, service and administration in Ringe on Funen. NASSAU strive to give the customer the best garage door for their needs and garage.

With more than 48 years of experience, NASSAU has extensive experience in producing garage doors and industrial doors in Denmark and our exporting countries. We do not compromise on quality, and our vast experience means that we can offer quality in all processes. NASSAU offer qualified advice during the planning phase, delivery, assembly and services.

We always focus on the customer, and we ensure that the customer gets a positive experience throughout the entire process.

NASSAU provides ports for the Thule base on Greenland, prisons, washrooms, etc., all of which make demands for the best quality.

All NASSAU garage doors are made in millimeters to fit the house. You can freely choose garage doors in 11 different colors. Garage doors with windows and which accessories fit the needs of the family. You can even design the best garage door for your needs.