What is the price for a Garage door?

NASSAU produces garage doors according to your wishes and needs.

What does a new garage door cost?

The prices start at 7995 DKK.

If you want to visually see your designs, you can in the Danish or Norwegian webshop. You enter goals and desires for garage door so you are sure it fits your needs and your house.
What color can I choose?
Should it be with or without windows?
All this you can design in Garageport webshop, which visually shows you how your garage door will look. If you have any doubts about surveying, you can choose Tryghedpak package in the webshop, and our building architects will come out and measure up. Of course we also help with delivery and assembly if you do not want a “do it yourself garage door solution”.

It is your garage door – therefore we arrange according to your wishes, so we ensure that you get the most from the garage door. You design and we produce at the factory in DENMARK.

NASSAU offers 3 different types of garage doors that have different surface structures. The three models are: NASSAU Classic, NASSAU Softline Granite and NASSAU Woodgrain. The garage door models are functionally identical, but each have their own unique expression and style. If you want to read more about the models, click here.

Quality at the forefront

We do not compromise on quality, and with 48 years of experience, we can offer quality in all processes. We offer qualified advice during the planning phase, delivery, assembly and services. Since its inception in 1970, NASSAU has been of the highest quality. We have our own factory in Denmark. We want to give our customers the best quality and service.

If you need advice, we are of course ready to answer your questions. Call +45 6262 2346 if you need help with your new garage door, or order by sending an e-mail: export@nassau.dk