Which garage door model should I choose?

NASSAU offers 3 different types of garage doors that have 3 different surface structures.
The three models are: NASSAU Classic, NASSAU Softline Granite and NASSAU Woodgrain. The three models are functionally similar, but each have their own unique expression and style. Choose the garage door that fits your house. At our factory in Ringe, all our garage doors are made of aluminum and at the same time you get one of the market’s best insulated garage doors.

NASSAU Classic is a garage door with stucco structure and comes with 44mm thick foamed panels.

NASSAU Woodgrain produced with an imitated wooden structure with a horizontal profile. The wooden structure gives a natural appearance to your garage.

NASSAU Softline Granite is produced on a smooth surface, which gives an exclusive appearance. Softline Granite garage doors are suitable for windows and doors in Sablé colors and Sablé surface.
Black Softline Granite Garage Gate matches noir 900 sablé windows and doors from among Velfac and Rational
Gray Softline Granite Garage Doors match noir 2100 sablé doors and windows from among Velfac and Rational
White Softline Granite Garage Doors Match White SAA 10F sablé from among Velfac and Rational


We produce garage doors according to your wishes.

Choose the size that suits you and your house. We produce your garage door according to your individual goals, wishes and needs. At the same time you have the opportunity to adapt the garage door with vision or panorama windows.

With a NASSAU garage door, you make everyday life easier at the touch of a remote control, which is always supplied with an electric control and remote control. In our webshop you can easily and easily design your own unique garage door to fit your house.

We offer qualified advice during the planning phase, delivery, assembly and services.