What colors does the Garage door come in?

Depending on which model you choose, there are 11 standard colors, from which you can freely when designing your garage door. Our factory, located on Funen, produces three different garage doors. They are called: NASSAU Classic, NASSAU Softline Granite and NASSAU Woodgrain. When you are ordering your garage door, you can design your garage door so that it fits your goals, wishes and needs. you can also choose a garage door color that matches your house.

The right color choice for your NASSAU garage door

Our NASSAU Classic garage door is available in 11 standard colors. You can choose freely from these to suit your house. If you want a garage color that is outside the standard colors, you also have the option of a specific RAL color of your choosing. You can get Classic and Woodgrain in all RAL colors.

See a large selection of RAL color codes here.

For our NASSAU Softline Granite garage door, there are 3 different standard colors, whereas for the Woodgrain model there are 4 different standard colors. Here you also have the opportunity to enter a specific color for your next garage door. Inside, NASSAU is always supplied in the color gray-white.

We have therefore made it possible for you to choose just that color choice that suits you and your house. We take pride in offering our customers individual solutions.