I live by the Sea and it very windy. What considerations should I take?

What consideration should be taken by the sea?

A Garage doors from NASSAU is made to withstand a lot of wind. We have tested our garage doors at the SP institute for wind load. This means, they test how large wind pressure the garage doors can withstand. If you live by the shore and own a garage door from NASSAU, you won’t need the take further consideration.

NASSAU Garage Doors are tested to minimum class 3. The screws may start to detach from the panels at 1100 Pascal (Pa). We therefore guarantee that NASSAU garage doors can withstand an atmospheric pressure of minimum 965 Pascal (Pa). In comparison, a hurricane is equivalent to 700 Pascal (Pa).

You can safely choose a NASSAU Garage door up to 5 meters in width and 2.33 meters in height, if you need a Garage door by the sea.
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