Is NASSAU Garage Doors Blower Door Tested?

A “blower door test” is not a test of the garage door itself, but a test of the building’s overall density. The fan is set up in a doorway. We inform you about the garage door’s air-tightness is class 3 (cf. EN 12426) applicable to all NASSAU garage doors. Therefore, NASSAU garage doors cannot be “blower door tested”.

The insulation capacity of the garage door also called the garage door’s U-value on the garage door section is 0.5W/m2K

If you need a precisely calculated U-value, we must know the garage door’s dimensions and specifications (with/without window). A garage door with a window has a lower U-value than a garage door without a window.

About Blower Door Test

Since April 1, 2006, it has been a mandatory requirement by the building regulations to control the density of new houses. All buildings that are built as building class 2020, which is the low energy class, are required for documentation of the density screen. It is also required that pressure testing be performed by an independent, qualified pressure tester.

For several reasons, your house should be close:

  • The heat escapes around windows, doors and joints. Therefore, more energy must be used to maintain the appropriate temperature.
  • Leaky houses provide drafts. Surfaces will feel cold.
  • This can cause damage to houses. Especially if the humidity is high, it provides good breeding ground for mold and decay.