NASSAU supplies 9 Panorama doors with radar indicators to Carglass Service Center in Munich.

Carglass Service Centre

Only NASSAU was able to meet the wishes and expectations that Carglass had for their largest and most modern Carglass Service Centre. The official opening of the Service Centre, which is situated in Munich, was held on July 12th 2013. NASSAU delivered 9 Panorama doors and 1 rolling shutter to the building. The Panorama doors are equipped with radar indicators and scanners. The scanners detect the height of the
vehicle and open the Panorama doors accordingly.

The NASSAU 9000 Panorama Door

As opposed to the traditional 9000G window sectional door, the NASSAU Panorama door has no vertical window frames. Furthermore the sections are narrower, which gives the characteristic and light panorama effect. In buildings such as the Carglass Service Centre this door is a perfect fit, as the light but robust exterior
contributes to the general expression of the building. 

The Service Centre of the Future

According to Rafael Apelian who is responsible for the operative business and supply chain management of Carglass, the main focus has been on the design of what he called the ”Service Centre of the future”. He called the new concept “transparent” and ”architecturally highly modern” and said that “it will make it possible to exceed the expectation of the more than 10.000 customers who will visit the Service Centre every year.” The centre is built with windows in all wall-surfaces in order to create the highest possible amount of transparency for the customers, says Jean-Pierre Filippini. The customers can thereby follow the repair of their cars from the 125 m2 waiting area and talk with the employees when they wish to do so.

Door leaf panorama exterior

NASSAU Panorama is constructed with a very strong aluminum structure, which gives a simple and elegant design without vertical frames.

NASSAU case Carglass panorama Munich