Why choose NASSAU

Why should you choose garage door from NASSAU?

At NASSAU, customer is always in focus. We listen to your expectations and needs in order to find a garage door that live up to your wishes. We at NASSAU with more 47 years of experience within sale of doors for industrial and private customers for both home market and abroad, know that we produce doors in the best quality to our customers every time. Safety and security makes the whole process with your new Garage Door simple and clear. 

Read more information below, why you should choose Garage Door from NASSAU. 

Why choose NASSAU made in Denmark

At NASSAU all our doors are produced in Denmark in our factory in Ringe on Funen. We wish to give our customers  the best quality and service, that is why we have collected production , service and administration in one place. Our competent and authorized service is ready to help you in case of mishap and repair the doors that are not working.

Our slogan is: “You know the Quality”

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At NASSAU we meet all the local requirements and valid rules. It means that we have tested our Garage Door for this we call “life time”. Our Garage Doors are tested in 74.000 cycles- with other words, open and closed in 74000 times without any mistake or reparation.  If a door is used  according to our instructions  we can guarantee the most reliable Garage Door on the market.

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Security is a high priority at NASSAU. Many parts of Garage Door require many thoughtful security solutions. With our finger protection system, developed NASSAU  the most usage safe door until now. Our smart construction is a standard for all NASSAU Garage Doors . It prevents finger or other objects from becoming trapped between door sections.

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NASSAU will assist you in the whole process if you order your Garage Door online. Our high skilled and educated service is ready to help and advise you with fitting and installation. With our NASSAU MEASURING you can feel safe and secure while ordering online. Our fitter will measure your Garage Door and ensure that all measurements and place requirements are fulfilled. We guarantee that everything is correct before your door will be send to the production.

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We at NASSAU accommodate to your needs not vice-versa.  We produce specifically according to your measurements , wishes and needs. Free choice of type, colour and accessories, ensures that the door match the rest of the house. The rule in our web shop is “your garage door, your design”. You order the solution which fits  best to you. We tailor your Garage Door exactly according to your choice.

NASSAU insulation ability image

We think at NASSAU that it is important to have a Garage Door with a good insulation ability. To keep warm in and cold outside , it is an important parameter if you would like to invest in a new Garage Door. Our doors are constructed with effective broken thermal bridges in a form of insulation sealing strips. This together with our effective sealing on both sides, on the top and bottom ensure excellent insulation properties. 

NASSAU burglary protection image

Garage Doors from NASSAU as standard are equipped with burglary protection. Door motor has a build in locking mechanism in case of attempt to open the garage from outside, so that door will provide resistance while opening. On top our Garage Door are supplied in a door security which closes the pull rail. Which makes it difficult to open the Garage Door from outside.

NASSAU wind resistance image

At NASSAU we are often testing our Garage Doors. In SP Institute has NASSAU tested Garage Door for wind resistance – how big wind pressure Danish produced Nassau Garage Door can resist.  Our Garage Door is tested for minimum class 3. The screws can begin to loosen from a panel at 1100 Pa. We can therefore guarantee that Nassau Garage Doors will resist to min. 965 Pa atmospheric pressure . 


Danish produced Garage Doors from NASSAU will provide you the best insulated door on the market. Choose between NASSAU Classic, NASSAU Softline and NASSAU Woodgrain. Read more

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Our webshop is only available in Denmark and NorwayContact our export department if you want further information or to make an order.
E-mail: adl@nassau.dk or il@nassau.dk.
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SE HERE how to measure and install your garage door and how to program your operating equipment.