Do you need an extra 25 cm?

If the answer is yes, you probably live in an older residence with a garage. Previously, the cars were narrower – and so were the garage doors. Many therefore choose to expand the gate by approximately 25 cm. Then you can park your new wider car without trouble. 

By Louise Lyngsø Kjærulff


Garages have undoubtedly come back – and become as popular as in the 70s. The difference from that time, however, is that they have become both larger, more technical and often function as other than storing the four-wheeled family member. Many new buildings are being built today with not only one, but also with both two and three wide garages. The garage, which is isolated, is used extensively for both a entertainment room, a workshop, a bicycle shed, a weight and gym room and storage room.

Part of the house’s expression

However, it is not only the interior design of the garage that is in focus by the consumers. The appearance of the garage is also of great importance – and is becoming more and more individual. “We find that more and more people are demanding personal quality doors that support the appearance of the home or add a more modern look,” says Gitte Tindbæk Larsen, Product Manager at NASSAU, and continues: “Therefore, we also have no standard doors at NASSAU, but design completely according to the customer’s wishes in terms of both size, color and surface structure.”

Your desires, your garage door

Increased security and service

Safety is another focus area when it comes to garage doors. Horror scenarios where the doors shuts down on things, people or fingers that are caught is part of the past.

“Our doors are equipped with a finger clamp guard that prevents jamming of fingers or objects in between the door sections. And as an extra security, safety photocells can be mounted on to electric-operated doors, where the doors automatically stop, if it meets obstacles during closure,” Gitte Tindbæk assures.

When it comes to security in relation to burglary, today’s doors are as hardy as industrial doors and have a high burglary protection. At NASSAU you can buy a mini-hand transmitter that can not only open and close up to three doors with a single click, but also give you an indication of the doors position at any given time.

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