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maveo app smart home

Everything under control with Smart Home.

maveo is with you throughout the day. Your smartphone, which is always with you anyway, opens doors for you. Naturally it can be expanded with more and more functions.

Convinient, simple and intuitive

maveo connects garage doors, accessories and smartphones and makes your garage doors smart. Operate maveo intuitively using the maveo app on your smartphone or tablet. Setting up maveo is really straightforward. Use scenarios to conveniently tell maveo what to do when you arrive at home.

Adapt maveo to your life with a few clicks through the scenarios. The maveo box is easy to expand with additional accessories, such as Philips Hue smart lighting, the Netatmo smart weather station, or the humidity sensor. Convenient. Intuitive. maveo

„Smart with maveo“ App: Everything in your mobile phone

Garage door, gate, lighting, or weather station, the “Smart with maveo“ app delivers all important information directly to your mobile phone. It makes your smartphone a convenient maveo control device, letting you do everything intuitively from the initial setup to the daily opening and closing of garage doors. No more searching for missing remote controls. Easy operation, full control. Access can be local via Wi-Fi or over a mobile data connection. The “Smart with maveo“ app is available for iOS and Android.

  • NB maveo only works for the Comfort 260/270 engine (all new garagedoors er made 260/270)
  • Max. Number of garagedoors for maveo conection: 7 Garagedoors
  • maveo equipment is until further notice ordered by order remarks
  • maveo Start Box connect your Garage door through an app on your smartphone, you can use your phone as a Garage door remote
  • Your Garage door can be set to shut down automatically with time settings
  • You can open and close your garage door from your smartphone, even if you are not at home
  • You will receive a message on your smartphone, if your Garage door is opened or close
  • With the maveo indoor sensor, temperature and humidity can activate automatically opening of your garage door to ventilate your garage, the tilt function will activate it the humidity gets too high
  • You can always see the temperature and the humidity in your garage at your smartphone
  • maveo can be put together with your light system in the garage, so it turns on and off automatically when your Garage door opens and closes

How works maveo Smart Home App?

Why is maveo smart?

Maveo Start pack connects garage doors to Smartphone


Use Maveo to open your NASSAU Garage door from the mobile phone app. Maveo is a smart Garageport app that creates an intelligent home.


Use Maveo to open your NASSAU Garage door from the mobile phone app. Maveo is a smart garage door app that creates intelligent homes. With Maveo sensor, which is temperature gauge and humidity gauge, your garage door can automatically vent out using the tilt function when the humidity is too high.