Door Leaf – 9000F


The NASSAU 9000F door leaf is made of 44 mm thick polyurethane foam sections, with a section height of no less than 675 mm.

Choose between aluminium, steel or stainless steel
The back- and front panels can be clad to order in aluminium, hot galvanized steel or stainless steel with stucco structure. The rustproof version does however have a smooth inner side.

The leaf is constructed with a profile designed to conceal the section joints and provide extra longitudinal strength. Reinforcements in the sections guarantee durability for intermediate and side hinges mounting on the door leaves. 

The door leaves are filled with insulating fibre to provide a thermal barrier between front and rear. The combination of the polyurethane foam sections, built-in cold barrier and effective seals provides one of the best-insulated doors on the market for heat, air and water penetration.

Nassau 9000f door leaf blue